Siamo Stefano e Andrea, due fratelli romagnoli di cinquant'anni, che assieme a mogli, nonni e figli gestiscono l'Albergo Faro.

Per noi, come da tradizione, il cliente è un "amico opsite che deve uscire soddisfatto."

Il piccolo Albergo di 26 camere è nato e cresciuto con la nostra famiglia sul vecchio podere agricolo dei nonni, per questo la sincerità, la semplicità e la genuinità restano indelebili nel carettere del servizio che ha il sapore di agriturismo.

Welcome to the Faro Hotel in Bellaria!

Bellaria is a friendly town perfect for spending your family holidays, where everyone can relax and find their balance.

Our two-star hotel is situated between Bellaria and San Mauro Mare. The atmosphere at the Faro Hotel is very friendly and dynamic, characterized by a passion for health and sport.


Our hotel is located in a safe area, with a private covered parking space, surrounded by nature and far from the city traffic; here you will feel like you are in the countryside!
Our two-star structure has a large swimming pool and hot tub facilities, in addition to proving an easy access to the equipped beach nearby.


The Faro hotel combines the traditional cuisine from Romagna, which is characterized by delicious and generous portions with a young and lively service that takes care of the café, bar, sport and entertaining facilities. You will have the opportunity to relax in a lovely atmosphere, in the shadow of native trees (such as mulberry, robinia, oak, pine, laurel oak), with the buzzing of busy bees and the tweeting of birds around you.


Fishing is the activity that has been passed down from one generation to another in Bellaria and the lighthouse, in Italian ’Faro’, was the light and sound that would take the fishermen home to their families. This is the reason why we want to be the ‘Faro’ for your holidays, a place where you can enjoy the time with your family and let us take care of you.
So, what are you waiting for?!


We look forward to welcoming you at the Faro Hotel!